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Our Valentine Sweets header cookie bouquet was created with Sweet Stampen's food safe rubber stamps: Chocolates, a tiny heart cut from Circle of Love, The whole image of Circle of love was used with , Winner's Circle was used to frame Wedding Border, a mini heart stamp was used dry to emboss the surface around Cupid's Magic, last cookie features a stamp that is not online yet: Key to My Heart

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Other Creative Pursuits

I often forget that many of you don't realize I have a "day" job... Not that I do well financially at either profession but... both are creative and that suits me well.

I make food safe rubber stamps that allow people to create intricately decorated cookies, cakes and candy. Back to school through Valentine's is our really busy season followed by another pop around Easter. After that, no one wants to be in the kitchen! I also have a number of bakeries that use this technique... and this is their busy season as well...meaning they are ordering rubber and food coloring from me.

Black Widow Spider handstamped and painted cookie  - a demo from my last class.

Forgetful Holly sorta forgot that all of this was impending and has orders standing in the shop with no product. So today, I have to dash South to get our special food color, hitting my silk floral supplier as I pass downtown cause I have no flowers for my next cookie bouquet class. Then it's West for a piece of glass I need for fusing and back toward home for some acrylic stock for rubber stamp handles... OY... I don't like "car days!" But the shop will be ready to rock n roll once all that is here! So... I'll be working all weekend! That's a good thing! No complaints here!

So, before I dash out the door into LA's monstrous freeway system, I wanted to share a tidbit about creativity. One of the things I love about artists is... they see the world differently. I had a most talented lady in my last class. She had chosen a sea them for her cookie bouquet. But often students pick up a rubber stamp and they aren't really sure what it is...yet they never ask. They always just seem to make it work.

This lady had picked up our speckled Easter egg and then realized... that won't exactly be right with her sea themed bouquet.

This image doesn't exactly scream "sea shore" now does it??

But look what my student "saw" in that egg:

I love that she used that egg to envision a starfish! It looked lovely in her bouquet (which Ms. Forgetful didn't get a pic of!)

So, see your world a little differently today... Look closer... or further. Look for patterns or color or repetition... Who knows what you'll see! Or what it will inspire! Originally published on HollysFollyBeads

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