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Our Valentine Sweets header cookie bouquet was created with Sweet Stampen's food safe rubber stamps: Chocolates, a tiny heart cut from Circle of Love, The whole image of Circle of love was used with , Winner's Circle was used to frame Wedding Border, a mini heart stamp was used dry to emboss the surface around Cupid's Magic, last cookie features a stamp that is not online yet: Key to My Heart

Saturday, May 11, 2013

We Found a Stamp at Michael's...

I had a customer at a bakery in the great state of Maryland utter these horrible words to me when I phoned her back the other day in response to a query on custom food safe rubber stamps.

I feel it's my bad... I didn't phone her back right away. Our shop is hot and loud. Every thing we handle needs two hands and phone calls don't fit into that when all hands are needed on deck. While an email is usually answered within five minutes up to a few hours, phone calls can take DAYS!

And people are lazy and they want what they want when they want it. And they don't seem to care if they are misinformed as to what is safe on food or even if they get a customer sick! OY!

All rubber is NOT food safe! There are petroleum based products in there that should not come in contact with food. The release agents used to release the rubber from the molds is NOT food safe. Many of the molds still contain asbestos!

Add in that the stamps at most retail mass market craft stores are wood mounted...Wood is not food safe nor is the cushion used to mount the stamps! It BREEDS bacteria! Even our food safe rubber, once mounted on wood, is no longer safe for use on food!

There is so much to know in this area of crafting on food and I wish more bakeries would take the time to learn a little about it before rushing headlong into a project!

If you need food safe rubber, we have hundreds of images readily available. And if you need something custom, we can do that in about two to three weeks. Be smart, be safe and keep your customers alive...it's the right thing to do!